Can a Passenger in a Car Accident Hire Their Own Lawyer?

Passengers in a crash need an auto accident injury lawyer as much as the drivers and can recover various damages. The passenger is vulnerable to bodily injuries and psychological and emotional trauma and has the same rights as everyone else.

Why Do Passengers Need an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer?

If you are a passenger in a car accident, you should consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Other procedures, such as contacting the police, finding medical help, and gathering evidence, are also essential. Here are three primary reasons why a passenger in a car accident can and should hire an attorney to represent them:

To Claim Compensation

A car accident endangers all people involved, and passengers can suffer life-altering injuries. Some incidents are fatal and result in death. If you are in a car accident as a passenger, you deserve compensation for all bodily injuries and other damages. Passengers will recover their damages regardless of the guilty driver.

You can claim compensation under the Friendly Premise or Stranger Premise. Friendly premises occur when the passenger is in the car with the at-fault driver.

The at-fault driver insurance company usually pays for the damages incurred in a car accident. They are also keen to pay the least compensation or avoid it if possible. Most insurance carriers will attempt to downplay injuries or cast doubt in the case to bargain the least fault. As the passenger, you need a competent lawyer to represent your interests.

Claiming compensation for bodily injuries and other damages is never straightforward without knowledgeable accident attorneys experienced in handling such cases. You’ll need to validate all your injuries, losses, and damages. A lawyer can gather the strongest evidence to get deserved compensation and represent you in trial and off-court settlements.


Car accident cases are complex and may involve court dates, meetings, and lots of paperwork. If you suffer bodily injuries, it’s crucial to focus on your recovery and healing without further stress. You can hire a lawyer with expertise in car accident cases. The lawyer will handle evidence collection and paperwork.

You should work with trustworthy lawyers with transparent communication to stay in the loop at all times. The best attorneys accept reviewing and representing your case and only get paid when you win. Hiring one will allow you to focus on recovery. Lawyers also offer professional advice on what to do and avoid during the claiming period, saving you time in research.

What Damages Can A Passenger of A Car Accident Recover?

Passengers in a car accident need lawyers to help them claim and receive the deserved compensation. You can recover any losses, from medical bills to missed income, loss of enjoyment, and punitive benefits. It all depends on how good your attorney proves and validates your losses. Below is an overview of damages passengers in a car accident can claim:

Compensatory Damages

Refers to the emotional and personal injuries and property damages incurred by the passenger of a serious car accident. It includes present/future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and present/future loss of income. You can also recover property loss if your phone, laptop, or other valuable item gets damaged or lost.

Emotional Distress

Passengers can suffer emotional distress symptoms, such as insomnia, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, and other psychological issues. You may also need to see a psychologist or other professional in the accident’s aftermath. Your lawyer can help you prove emotional distress and recoup medical bills and other damages resulting from the same.

Loss of Enjoyment/Consortium

Passengers may lose time to spend with their family and children or participate in other enjoyable activities and personal hobbies. You can claim such damages under loss of enjoyment premises. Loss of consortium damages is recoupable if you can prove the accident has affected your familial and/or marital relationship.

Punitive Damages

If you are a passenger in a car with a reckless driver, you can claim punitive damages. This claim doesn’t necessarily pay for bodily injuries or compensatory damages. It’s used to punish drivers who are deliberately reckless and endangering the lives of passengers. Punitive damages are awarded in a discretionary fashion, and amounts vary significantly depending on the court’s opinion.

When Should A Passenger Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

Passengers need a car accident attorney on their phonebook since no one knows when they’ll be in an accident. Everybody hopes to arrive safely, but accidents happen all the time and may instantly change your life. You may suffer minor injuries that develop into future chronic issues, so it’s essential to secure compensation.

If you are conscious immediately after the accident, you should assess your condition and seek medical help. Next, you need to contact the police officers and a car accident attorney. Hiring a lawyer early can help you build a strong case and gather irrefutable evidence to get the deserved compensation. 

Passengers can leverage the knowledge of an experienced attorney to find the best treatment and doctors for their injuries. Working with a lawyer also ensures you claim all damages suffered, including future medical bills. Your priority should remain recovering from the incident, and involving a lawyer supports that course.

How Do I Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

Passengers in a car accident can hire their own lawyer at any point they realize they need one. If your accident is in the past, you can still consult an attorney to determine if you have a chance. There’s a deadline for filing compensation claims, so you should seek professional counsel as soon as possible.

You can review law firms and shop around, but it’s essential to engage reputable attorneys without waiting any longer. Some offer free online consultations, and most don’t get paid until you win the case. Make sure you review the contract and terms of service and compare rates if necessary.

Ping an Attorney dedicates its services to connecting injured passengers and drivers to competent, experienced attorneys. We aim to help you recover damages when you are not at fault, and all passengers deserve to claim compensation. We will find the best lawyers in your area to instantly offer access to instant legal counsel.

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